Innovative protective coatings for the built environment

Around the world, contractors develop beautiful buildings that, after completion, are sometimes difficult to keep clean; free of moisture, dirt and graffiti.
That is where APP comes in!!
APP develops and produces various types of impregnation that can be used to protect all kinds of building materials, such as concrete, natural stone and brick , against all kinds of contaminants.

In our privately owned laboratory and production facility we strive to develop systems that do not affect the visual and physical properties of the always innovative building materials. 

Our impregnation for horizontal surfaces transforms porous substrates into ultra-hydrophobic and -oleophobic SUPER surfaces that greatly repel water, oil and other pollution.  Nonetheless this impregnation is environmentally friendly, based on water and VOC-free.
And even more important; the surface does not change, the product is completely invisible to the human eye!

Our semi permanent anti graffiti system offers efficient and weather proof protection against graffiti and other types of pollution. It consists of a mix of 100% natural polysaccharides and water. After drying it forms an ultra thin protective film that leaves the surface completely damp open. Graffiti can easily be removed without the use of aggressive products, just warm water!

Not only can our protective coatings be used to protect a variety of commercial, civil engineering and infrastructure projects against graffiti, oil, chewing gum, urine, exhaust fumes and soot, but also arts and monuments!

Consequently we offer a solution for cleaning and preserving diverse architectural surfaces. Our protective systems are suitable for the many different materials that are used in construction, production facilities, architectural structures, food industry, retail and the automotive production and communication industry. All kinds of façades and horizontal surfaces. 




Ever since its founding by Piet Nuijs in 1985, APP has focused on the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly protection of architectural surfaces against unwanted pollution.

Our products are the result of private research, developed in our own laboratory. APP strives to produce in an environmentally friendly way and make biodegradable products. APP products are especially valued for their high effectiveness and the visual unaffected result on the treated surfaces.

Moreover, the surface remains vapor permeable!

APP is a leading developer and producer of advanced protective coatings and impregnations for architectural surfaces. The environmentally friendly protective systems are highly respected in the industry because of the effectiveness, but also for their ability to protect surfaces and leave them vapor-permeable, without affecting the visual identity of the treated surfaces.

APP systems protect many surfaces of commercial, civil engineering, sports and infrastructure projects, but also objects of art and heritage. Not only in the Netherlands, but also far beyond!